Amino Acid Analysis Service

  • Support of the analysis process from the sample preparation to the analysis up to the evaluations in your laboratory
  • Support in practice with help and advice
  • Submission of individual offers
  • Telephone customer support (We will take care of your request)
  • On-site training or in-house training


Advantages of our services

  • The need for little sample material (5-10 mg dry weight or 25-50 mg fresh weight or less amount of other tissues)
  • High sensitivity up to low picomol scale
  • Fast analysis for 6 minutes
  • Analysis of 20 to 25 individual amino acids
  • Comprehensive report, support and analysis of the customer's desired amino acids on request


Service prices (Payments are exclusive of 19 % VAT)

Sample preparation

  10 €   up to       50 samples*

   8  €   up to       100  samples*

   6  €   above     100  samples*


   60 €   up to        50 samples*

   55 €   up to       100 samples*

   50 €   above     100 samples*





Derivatization kit for 250-500 samples

  360  €

Eluent A / l**

  115  € 

Eluent B / l**

   85   €

 *per sample

**Another development from our company offers you optional our Eluent A and Eluent B method, which can be purchased in combination with our developed method and our Kit in the package


Process from ordering to final analysis

After ordering and reaching the samples, they are processed immediately. For this, the amino acids are derivatized with the self-produced pure fluorescent compound, 6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxy-succinimidylcarbamate (AQC). Prepared samples are then loaded on an ultra-pressure reversed-phase chromatography (UPLC). The desired amino acids are separated and detected. The analysis is completed within 6 minutes. The chemical reaction of the derivatization can be monitored in the "chemical process". The quality and reliability of detected amino acids is checked by means of individual standards with a defined concentration and the final concentration of each amino acids is determined.

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We also offer a hydroponic cultivation system for growing small plantlets such as Arabidopsis under sterile and controlled environmental conditions. The system consists of a piece of stainless-steel wire cloth (125 μm mesh size) that is fixed between 2 flat rings and held in place by 3 legs, placed in a commercially-available glass jar, and covered by the original glass lid or alternatively by a sheet of sterilized cellophane. Sterilized seeds can be distributed evenly across the mesh piece with the size, which allows root growth and keeps the seeds in place. After few weeks of cultivation, shoot and root tissues can be easily harvested separately for metabolite and/or nutrient measurements without mechanical damage.

 *Price for each unit is 25 Euro exclusive of 19 % VAT.

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Culture system for small plantlets. (a) A carrier of the culture apparatus. (b) Dispensing of seeds on the wire cloth. (c) Vessels with plantlets in a culture room. (d) Three week-old plantlets grown by means of hydroponic culture under sterile conditions.